What To Expect

We have so much to share with you all and we are super excited ! First things first, thank you to those who have already subscribed to the blog and thank you in advance to those will be subscribing. 

We are going to use the first few blogs as a formal introduction to who we are, what we do and what you can expect from us once you get involved. You can expect blogs from us to roll out on Monday afternoons !

We have moved into our new space recently and will be having the grand opening on February 29th. This space requires a membership to access. The access includes the ability to browse and purchase books in store, a co-working space, a complimentary tea bar and a pass to get discounts and seats to the various events we put on or are involved in here in Dayton, OH. 

The different events that we facilitate can be found here. The series of events are hosted under the name Society of Black Consciousness. Subsequent blogs will go into depth on how we came up with the different events, how frequent we intend to host them, who will be facilitating them and other interesting or pertinent information about them.

Whether or not you purchase a membership there will be an option coming soon for a subscription box that will include a variety of books and custom merch.

We, of course, will also be blogging about James Baldwin and his writings. We will note how we believe that he impacted society during the time he was alive, immediately after his death and how what he stood for affects us today. Additionally we will touch on the different notable people that he was associated with such as Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King Jr.

Stay tuned ! Have a mindful week 🙂

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