Welcome to the Society of Black Consciousness.

Talk Is Cheap

Conversation is an integral part of our change initiative. We welcome our kindred to commune and discuss our needs as a people and community, build lasting, impactful relationships and share our ideas and resources.

Lit Exchange

A monthly book exchange where we sell books highlighting local Black authors and vinyls, house a small library, and promote local vendors. Our lit motto is “Bring one, Take one!”

Integrated Minds

Hosted by 1withKash, we are bringing a solution of healing informed and restorative practices through meditation workshops. Not only is this a space to meditate, but also to learn about the different forms and benefits of meditation and how it contributes to greater overall health and wellness.

Men’s/Women’s/Non-Binary Circles

 A space for black and brown men, women, and people that identify as non-binary to just BE, grow, and feel safe.  This is an adult mentorship because we need guidance too!

The Poets: Writer’s Group

A space where writers have a community to share work with, receive constructive criticism, and develop new skills to gain creative control over their artistic process.

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Below are examples of past events we’ve held.